We heard from friends via Facebook that our canyon was on fire….and followed the event on Facebook and the local radio posts.  What became the Snake River Fire crossed the Snake River from Grant Co. to Whitman Co., driven by 50mph winds.  Fire crews locally and from around the state fought it valiantly and protected almost all the property and did so without injury to themselves or others.  I have no idea what the cost of the fight must have been, considering the helicopters and water and flame-retardant spray planes and the many other vehicles and staff who worked for many days to prevent the fire from doing much crop or other property damage.  Fire is a natural occurrence in grasslands that renews the vegetation, but the potential for serious erosion now exists on the steep canyon slopes….

Do you know how burned hillsides smell?

View of the burning hillsides from the neighbor’s deck. Our red rooftop is shown; much else is mercifully hidden by trees.


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