The Uniontown Mural

A bit of history:  Our tasting room and additional winery operations are located in an old building in Uniontown WA.  The building, known as the Vollmer Building, was acquired by the Uniontown Development Corporation and restored under a Federal Grant which stipulated that it be occupied by a business producing a local product.  Wawawai Canyon Winery was contacted because our production of estate-bottled wines fit the bill perfectly, and the contact came at a time when we were looking for a new tasting room site.  We made interior changes that transformed the interior, but that is a different story, and we had a side of the building that was begging for a mural, so over a year after we moved in, I came up with a sketch of a mural to present the idea to the Development Corporation for their approval.  The tasting room is shown below, with the quick crayon sketch,and

the blank wall where the mural would be painted.  (Note the line on the bottom of the sketch indicating the slope of that street!)

So……We had not started harvesting when I began the painting.  Our local benefactor, Sam Kimble, made a man-lift available to me, without which the project couldn’t have been undertaken, and I had help from my husband David on the expanse of blue sky and tan hillside background. Then, the real fun began!  I loved the enormous canvas and vibrant colors, and I love the grapes and the canyon hillsides, so it has been a labor of love.  Here are several of the stages in the project, which is not yet completed, but getting close.  I will turn the lettering part of the job over to David, as he has the steady hand and meticulousness required for putting Wawawai Canyon Winery across the blue sky.





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