I killed my computer!

I was entering data into the Business Reports for the year-end filings on employees, wine production, excise taxes, etc. and it was the second time that day that I had spilled a cup of coffee, but this time it was a direct hit on the keyboard. Called our son Ben for advice. He said to take the battery out and put the computer in a pillowcase with white rice for a couple of days to try to dry it out. The coffee had milk but no sugar in it, so there was a chance…..but no, it was dead. Perhaps it can be opened up and cleaned, and perhaps the information can be accessed by professionals — at this point, I don’t know, but I was lucky to have already purchased an Apple computer, and had to slog away at the filings due by January 15th. I am not familiar with the Apple, and fairly frustrated about losing the easy access to stored files that were on the other computer, but I’ll get over it. Have resolutions about not mixing drinks with computers — hope they will last!


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