I’m a writer, a grower of food, a dog lover.  I live and work in a canyon in Eastern Washington, retired from a life in academia.  In that previous life, I was an invertebrate neurobiologist and teacher of physiology and the biology of women. I miss the interactions with students, learning from them, sharing of advances in science that will potentially affect them personally, and the sheer pleasure of learning about breakthroughs of understanding of the natural world.  My husband David, a fellow biologist and teacher, and I still love to read Science and Science News, following developments that interest us and are relevant to our older son’s career in Immunology.

I grew up in Tennessee, went to college in Mississippi, pursued graduate training at the University of Miami and did postdoctoral work at Duke University.  Now, I have left that career behind me, as my art professor father found that he had effectively done when he bought a farm and was paid for a load of hay with a check made out to “Dock Brandon.”


All of life is about turning new pages, meeting new people, learning new crafts, and being open to change.  So it is with our life in the canyon, but this period in my life also provides the opportunity to look back and appreciate where I have come from.  Both the past and the imagined past are with me now, and provide the impetus for my writing, but by keeping this journal about the todays, as they speed by, I may discover material even more compelling than my exploration of the past.  I will look forward to feedback, if my posts stimulate it. add another page.


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